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As part of the scheme we offer the above service. This involves talking to the business and the consumer to gain a full picture of what the problem is. We then work with both parties to seek a satisfactory outcome.

If this is not possible then we offer an alternative dispute resolution service. As this is an informal service the cost is considerably reduced from on average £300 per case (as charged by other dispute resolution services) to only £100.

Mediation Blocks

In order to use the service you need to have in place a formal complaints handling procedure for which you need to be a member of the scheme.

If you are still at deadlock at the end of the complaints handling procedure then both parties make written submissions. A written decision is made within five working days (for formal services this would take up to 30 days).

The decision is not binding; however, if the customer decided to initiate a small claims court procedure case then the member would be able to demonstrate that they have done everything reasonable to achieve a resolution.

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